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Subject: Why do men cheat and why do th
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bailey 2.11.10 - 09:44am
I need serious help or else am goin 2 go crazy. *

fliss134 23.11.10 - 01:26am
Hey bailey. I know what you mean. A lot of guys cheat but so do women. The best guys get cheated on and the best girls do to. Its best to try to move on x he/she aint worth it *

ladiexxx 22.01.11 - 08:02am
i cam 2 kno tht men cheat gals bcoz of x.i had a bf wh rily did tht.i dnt kno y.i ws stupid n had s*x wth him.i ws crazy *

and29 25.01.11 - 05:08pm
The case of men and woman a good man or woman wont cheat but if there partners arnt like them in that way it will happen ie,man doesnt cheat she does and vise versa if that makes sence sad but true apart from the ones who dont cheat at all but try finding one hard to find honist good people these days and all these chat sites help to disrupt relastionships because its the partner doesnt no

anade 23.03.11 - 05:26pm
not cheatin jus tryin luk. then u win-u luz das no cheating. *

savrinah 10.02.12 - 12:56pm
maybe bcoz dey dont knw how 2 value their luv partner & dey r not after of genuine luv.. dey entertain desperate vamps. *

crzygrlx 25.02.12 - 10:04am
coz they get greedy & want 2 ava cake & eat it 2.. im engaged & i now get more men wit partners tryin it on than i did b4.. honesty is gone frm the wrld in general. *

stela4u 25.02.12 - 12:20pm
May becoz women are like frowers,good men wont cheat *

mofiakin 4.04.12 - 10:18am
Now a days both men and women are loving only for s*x after x they get married with others *

zekefal 16.01.13 - 09:48am
Need a h*rny hot lady or gurl who offer me s*x,all d tym I need x *

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