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Subject: How many times a week do you h
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and29 4.02.11 - 09:33am
How many times aweek do you have s*x and are you satified each time ? *

tatendan 4.02.11 - 10:48am
once and each each i get setisfyd only if we do ol funky stylz *

3april 6.02.11 - 11:42am
dont u have anything reasonable 2 write?if i were u,i would just,''hang up''. *

dutty 6.02.11 - 12:55pm
at most five tyms n i get fully pleasured *

and29 7.02.11 - 03:03pm
No I dont but hey no body asked you to look or comment so do ONE!and have a look were you are muppit!

3april 7.02.11 - 11:47pm
it is 'moppet'and not'muppit'! *

and29 8.02.11 - 02:20pm
Well e by gum up yorkshire its muppit mi old fruit dt u have to worship god or summit ! *

flrtygal 11.02.11 - 04:21am
men u should kno tht:da more u hav s*x wth ur lady,da more u make ur sperms strong!y storing them 4 nthng? *

abcdefgf 20.05.11 - 02:37pm
lol guys i have s*x each and everydnyt, iv got 9 girlfriends...n some ar just gals m loving s*x so much... *

zekefal 16.01.13 - 09:50am
Need a h*rny hot lady or gurl who offer me s*x,all d tym I need x *

laptop2 7.02.13 - 05:18pm
Always and im not satisfied.

davinho 8.02.13 - 03:33am
Evn if i do six times per wik i dont satisfied *

sanaxy 8.04.13 - 08:07am
it has been two years since I hvt got chance. *

vivekya 17.11.13 - 04:41pm
5 times in a week in dogy style *

xxyroma 23.11.13 - 03:54pm
Well I'm 23 till now had done x only twice can't comment too much here ... *

roynadar 28.11.13 - 04:52am
just twice? that's too little... you need to have more!! @ xxyroma *

supaboi 29.11.13 - 11:45am
i am nt satisfied.but pleasure *

xxyroma 30.11.13 - 05:29am
Mmm well nowadays concentrating on studies...surely in future *

roynadar 30.11.13 - 02:10pm
Hmmm... that's a good thing to do... study now and enjoy later! accept my buddy request roma... will you? please!! *

xxyroma 12.02.14 - 04:15pm
not sure *

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