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Subject: Whos ure fave celebrity.
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casbabe 26.09.08 - 04:59pm
Brad Pitt and Will Smith a big PHWOAR! *

lew15d 26.10.08 - 03:17pm
Corey Taylor because he's an awesome vocalist!! *

jose123 2.11.08 - 01:45am
Angelina jolie shes super s*xy *

janeecie 8.11.08 - 08:41pm
CHRIS BROWN!!! coz of his vocalz n he's soooooo HoT!!! *

r.heart 31.01.09 - 10:47am
Alpacino *

mazuk01 23.06.09 - 09:33pm
Akon,will smith,neyo, jean claude van damme,and more and they wud get it big xx *

mimisiuu 26.11.09 - 08:03am
Tpain, eminem coz thy r so gud wth wordz *

zimatha 1.12.09 - 03:15pm
Beyonce' because she is so s*xy and bootilicious *

zimatha 1.12.09 - 03:15pm
Beyonce' because she is so s*xy and bootilicious *

87ka 3.12.09 - 09:32am
Brad pitt,i wud kis hm frm hs tols, 2 his juice pink lips. N Ashanti she maks me wish i waz a man. *

nehasing 6.01.10 - 02:48pm
Angelina Jolie,,she iz very hott..i love brad pitt *

zimatha 12.01.10 - 12:23pm
Beyonce bcoz she's got that African bootilicious body *

kusam 21.04.10 - 04:19pm
bruce lee cz he rockz n jacky chan..dragon lee..they r great *

xsicx 20.05.10 - 09:58pm
Al Pacino, Chuck Norris and Mr. T of course u fool! *

amaan18 29.05.10 - 02:56am
megann fox she z so hot *

0gujguy0 12.06.10 - 03:59am
reading.GIF hey evrybody has wrote BOUT celb. Whose x x xy N hot bt hey folks ther r lot of otherz who STAND out n is celebrity. So why nt count on tht marit(advise)wat say u! Ok mine is OPERAH..n V.ANAND.(indian.chess.player) celebrity AT tymz i lyk all.frm.salama hulbery.demimoor to druberimore. Lucy to KEMRON. julia to ANGLINA n yup sarahjesica parker. *

dantikle 11.08.10 - 11:13am
I taw-ta-lly love eminem,TI,will smith n miley cyrus. *

rocmasta 14.09.10 - 01:13am
Jay-Z,Beyonce, Fabolous,JK,Slap Dee,Mampi,Tear Gas,Jozi, Lizha-James,Dama Do Bling,Nicki Minaj,Trina,Inna,Rihanna e.t.c. *

tatendan 2.10.10 - 12:22pm
Gush its hrd i think i lyk em ol but thn thoz on the top r Drake,Brangelina,Will Smith,Keanu Reeves, u knw wat i lyk em ol favrts *

stela4u 11.02.12 - 11:41am
Lady Gaga , Rihanna n gy *

pirips 5.06.12 - 07:25am
M Munroe *

onyeka10 9.06.12 - 01:58pm
I go for Casbabe. *

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